Our school revolves around the child, aiming to provide learning content based on their interests and utilizing their experiences to explore new fields and knowledge. Through various teaching methods such as field trips, experiments, exploration, manipulation, observation, and discussions, we enable children to personally experience the joy of learning. Additionally, we implement designed activities and group teaching to enhance children’s motivation, interest, and self-directed learning abilities, allowing them to learn through play.

       To stimulate children’s interest in reading books, our school organizes a reading program to provide more opportunities for reading. Furthermore, we have established an interactive learning platform for children, offering self-learning courses that allow children to explore learning opportunities using information technology.

       To promote holistic development and provide diverse learning experiences, we incorporate thematic activities for game-based learning, allowing children to have more opportunities for self-directed learning. We also utilize drama activities to cultivate children’s moral development. Interest-based activities in English and Mandarin enhance children’s language foundation of listening and speaking skills. Our curriculum, designed by fitness instructors, contributes to the physical development of children.