Our school is the second non-profit kindergarten established by the Board of Directors of Yan Chai Hospital. It is located in Tin Hang Estate, Tin Shui Wai. Thanks to the generous donation and sponsorship of Ms. Tsin Man Kuen, BBS, MH, a member of our advisory board, in the year 2001, it was named ‘Yan Chai Hospital Ming Tak Kindergarten’ and officially started classes in September 2001.

      The school covers an area of 6,000 square feet and is equipped with six classrooms, as well as a physical fitness area, music area, an activity room, a parent resource corner, and a library corner.


        Our school upholds the educational spirit of ‘Respecting Humanity and Benefiting the World’ of Yan Chai Hospital, providing quality education to lay a solid foundation for future growth.


       The school designs diversified learning activities to cultivate the development of children’s different potentials and establish a good learning foundation for their future growth. We emphasize on nurturing children to develop the right attitudes, become good citizens with good character, learn to care for the community and those in need around them. The school actively builds a good communication and cooperative relationship between families and the school, aiming to create a harmonious, comfortable, and joyful environment for children to learn independently. We strive for ‘Children enjoying learning, and teachers enjoying their profession’, progressing with the times and showcasing our capabilities.